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About Us

Vision Christian Store
This ministry began when the owner was given a vision of a sweat suit with scripture on it. The owner obtained the trademark "Armor of God Sportswear" and began to create and produce the sweat suits. The sweat suits were sold at a convention.

The next milestone happened when the owner couldn't find a Christian greeting card for a friend who was ill. While driving around looking for a Christian Store the Spirit said "Open One"!

The sportswear was sold at Church conferences and other events and eventually from a table at a marketplace on the weekends. Other items were added e.g. bibles, books, DVD's and more. The ministry became so popular that it increased to 3 huge tables filled with Christian products.

One day the owner of the Marketplace informed all of the vendors that they were going to shutdown (everything happens for a reason). Most of the vendors relocated to another marketplace but the Spirit told us not to lease but to purchase.

We renovated our empty basement in our home into a store and waited for direction from God. We looked for property and found it on Piscataway Road in Clinton, Maryland. Out of obedience we purchased the property that didn't have the proper zoning to open. We used our life savings to pay mortgage on the building for 4 years without being able to use it. After much sacrifice and opposition finally by the GRACE OF GOD the zoning was finalized and we were able to open!!!

The Vision Christian Store is a place to come for products that will enhance your relationship with God and where we have lots of fun, fellowship and a Tuesday evening Bible Study. We invite the presence of God here each and everyday. Please stop by and visit us here on God's property. You're always welcome. God Bless.

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm / Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 pm /Sunday - Closed